Privacy Policy


1.1. By visiting or using any section of Slots City® online casino website, as well as by opening an account, every user agrees with the current “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy policy”, “Personal data protection policy” etc, including rules of the games, represented on the website, terms of promotions, terms of bonuses and personalized offers, etc. Further all “Terms and Conditions” of staying on and using the website will be called “Terms”. Before the user agrees and accepts the above provisions, we recommend that you carefully read them. In case you disagree and do not wish to be bound by the terms, you should not open a gaming account and register on the website. The continued use of the resource is regarded by the administration as providing the user complies with the terms and conditions below.



2.1. The Slots City® administration has the right to make changes, edit, change and update these Terms. Commercial and legal reasons are considered acceptable. In addition, these include the terms of service for users. Any changes and additions become available to users after their update and take effect. The administration of the resource assumes responsibility and obligations for timely notification of additions, changes, edits, etc. This is done by posting a new version of these Terms on the site. We recommend that you regularly update the information to be fully aware of any changes that may appear on the website. The administration has the right to do this at any time it sees necessary. As this, the software changes can be made, as well as the customer services provided. At the same time, the implementation of legislative norms remains in full and unchanged.

2.2. In case of disagreement with the changes made, the user has the right to stop using this website by closing the existing gaming account. If the visitor continues to use the services of the resource after the changes made to the Terms, such behavior is regarded as consent to the new Terms, changes made, etc. At the same time, it does not matter for the administration whether the user received a message about the changes made or not, and whether he has read the changes in the Terms.


3.1. Persons under the age of 21, disabled or included in the register of persons who are prohibited from playing, are not allowed to use the services of this website. The use of the services of the website by persons who have not reached the so-called “Acceptable Age” will be considered a violation. In order to prevent this from happening, the administration has the right to request documents confirming the age of the user at any time. This is necessary so that we can make sure that the website is not used by persons who have not reached the “Acceptable Age”. The administration has the right to suspend the user account and game account, as well as refuse to provide services if the user does not submit documents, confirming his/her age.

3.2. It should be understood that in some jurisdictions, the services provided on the website may be considered illegal. We cannot provide users with legal advice regarding the legality of using the services of this resource. We do not insist that all services offered on the website fully comply with the legal regulations of the user’s state. By using the site’s capabilities and using its services, you automatically agree to accept all the Terms and Conditions, and also bear full responsibility for your actions. Even if the services provided on the site are not legal in your state.

3.3. We, in our turn, confirm that we do not intend to provide services that are contrary to the laws of the state in which our client lives. We insist that your use of the services of the site is an indirect confirmation that it fully complies with the laws of the country of your residence. In case of illegal use of the website’s services, the administration does not bear any responsibility for this.

3.4. If the user is located or resides in the United States of America, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Hungary, Macau, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Taiwan, Latvia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Australia, he is not allowed to open game account on the website. Please note that the list of prohibited jurisdictions may be changed at any time. If the user is a citizen of one of the indicated countries, he agrees that he is not eligable to open a game account on this site. In case of violation of this rule, the user and his account will be blocked. Money and deposits remaining on the user’s accounts are refundable. However, the administration does not guarantee this.

3.5. Each user of the website is solely responsible for paying taxes and all fees that are received on the website. Responsibility for compliance with tax laws lies entirely with the user. In this case, the player’s balance at the time of payment of all fees and taxes does not matter.


4.1. Using the services of the website is possible after registration (opening an account). During the procedure, an email address and a password are entered by the user. These data will subsequently be used to enter the website. Also, the following personal information should be provided: name, phone number, date of birth, etc.

4.2. During the registration process, the true data must be indicated. In particular, the specified and real name must be identical. The Slots City® administration has the right at any time to demand copies of documents confirming the user’s identity. It can be the following:

The user’s account may be suspended if he does not provide the administration with the requested documents. This will be done temporarily, until the documents are submitted, and later finally in the event that the requested documents are not received in the future.

4.3. By registering on the website, you must indicate correct information, which is true and accurate. In the event of changes in personal information, you are obliged to make these changes in the account registration data. If these requirements are not met, the payment of winnings, bonuses, etc. will be suspended, and your account will be blocked.

4.4. If you have any questions or problems during registration, you should contact the support service at [email protected] or via online chat, or using the “Help” button in the lower right part of the screen. You can also contact the administration by the phone number indicated on the website https://slotscity.ua/, as well as by the numbers: +38 (093) 170-12-66, +38 (044) 506-17-74, 0-800 -750-774.

4.5. The account on the website belonging to a single player / household / IP address / other device, etc. should be the only one. If the second and subsequent accounts are registered by the same person, it will be considered “Duplicate”. In case you want to replace the existing account with a Duplicate account, you must immediately contact the administration to obtain permission to open a Duplicate account. In this case, the first account will be blocked, and access to it becomes impossible from the moment a new one is opened. If a Duplicate Account appears without notifying the administration and blocking an existing one, the following occurs:

4.5.1. We have the right to declare all transactions made using the Duplicate Account invalid.

4.5.2. All funds that were received through the Duplicate Account are recognized as illegal and are subject to return at the request of the administration. We are talking about winnings, bonuses, etc. If these funds have already been withdrawn from the Duplicate Account, they are subject to return in full, including by court order.

4.5.3. The administration is not obliged to return bonus or real funds that are on the balance of the Duplicate Account. The decision to return the funds lost by the Company that were withdrawn from the Duplicate Account is made unilaterally. This is also true in cases when bets were made from Duplicate Account accounts and winnings were received, and if there were no bets, even if the bonus funds were simply on the account.

4.5.4. The site administration does not accept requests for the return of blocked / lost funds from the duplicate user account. It does not matter for what purpose it was created: to receive bonuses, place bets, cash out illegally obtained funds, etc. Opening a new Duplicate Account in order to recover blocked funds from a previous Duplicate Account is also considered illegal. All such accounts will be identified and blocked. The administration is not responsible for the safety of funds in such accounts. Initial deposits will not be refunded to users if it is determined that a Duplicate Account has been opened for the purpose of abuse of these Terms and Conditions.


5.1. Users who become regular visitors of the website https://slotscity.ua/ confirm all of the following:

5.1.1. The age of the visitor corresponds to the minimum permissible age of the player (21 years), regardless of the country of residence or location at the time of registration, and taking part in gambling is not prohibited by state legislation.

5.1.2. All funds in the gaming account belong to the user legally. All information that is transmitted to the administration during registration, as well as subsequently (for example, within the framework of transactions that require the deposit of funds), is genuine and correct. All names strictly correspond to those indicated on plastic cards, current accounts, in electronic wallets, etc., which are used for transactions.

5.1.3. Using the services of the site, each player is fully aware of the risk of losing money. All responsibility for the loss of funds due to the use of the site services lies with the user. Any registered visitor agrees that he uses the services of the resource solely of his own free will and wishes and does so at his own peril and risk. In the event of any losses during the stay on the website, the user has no right to present any claims to the administration.

5.1.4. You fully and unconditionally agree with the Terns, procedures, etc., which are accepted in these Terms. You also understand the rules of the games that are provided over the Internet and, accordingly, are fully responsible for your actions. In addition, you agree not to commit acts or other actions that may cause any, even minor damage to the Company.

5.2. Registered users agree to the possibility of periodic checks of the account / personal and contact information by the administration, as well as by third parties who have the appropriate permission to do so under the current legislation.

5.3. The withdrawal of funds from the gaming account may be limited during the verification process.

5.4. If the website administration finds out that the information provided by the user is false, misleading, not entirely accurate, etc., or such information does not fully correspond to reality, we believe that the user has violated the terms of the Agreement. In this case, the Company has the right to block the user’s account and close access to his game account. Any actions with the account and the gaming account on the part of the user in this case become impossible.

5.5. If the administration cannot receive confirmation from the user that his/her age corresponds to the Acceptable age requirements, it can block access to the game account. If the age of the user did not correspond to the Permissible at the time of participation in any operations that are available on the site https://slotscity.ua/, the following happens:

5.6. Registered users do not have the right to use other people’s funds on the website that do not belong to them.


6.1. The user should not transfer information about his login and password to third parties. In case you forget the data used to enter the website, the password can be restored. To do this, you must click on the “Forgot your password” button. It is available in the login menu.

6.2. The player bears full and unconditional responsibility for the safety of the password and all actions performed with the game account (balance). In the event of losses incurred due to the actions of third parties who have gained access to the user’s account, all responsibility also lies with him/her.

6.3. If an unauthorized access has been made to the user’s account and game account, he/she must immediately inform the administration. This also applies to any other security breach. If we ask for evidence of unauthorized access, the user is obliged to do so as soon as possible. We are not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of the misuse of personal data, which resulted in the possibility of access to the player’s account. At the same time, it does not matter for us how third parties gained access to the account: with the help of the user or independently, without the knowledge of the guest.


7.1. To use paid services, funds must be deposited on the user’s gaming account.

7.2. By replenishing the game account and using funds to perform operations on the site, the user confirms:

7.3. On the website https://slotscity.ua/, it is prohibited to accept funds from third parties: relatives, friends, spouses, business partners, etc. The user has the right to deposit funds to the gaming account only from the balance of exclusively personal accounts / wallets / systems, etc. If the administration reveals that the funds were deposited by third parties or from other people’s accounts, all winnings will be canceled.

7.4. When requesting a refund to the legal account holder, all fees and other expenses are borne by the recipient.

7.5. Cash is not accepted on the website. The company has the right to use the technical capabilities of third-party organizations to process payments made by the user. We may also process payments to the player using third-party systems. The user automatically agrees to this condition by registering on the site.

7.6. You have no right to cancel transactions that have already been completed. They cannot be canceled or canceled in any way possible. In the event that somehow this is nevertheless done, and the previously transferred funds will already be used to pay for the site’s services, the user undertakes to reimburse the losses incurred by the Company.

7.7. The company has the right to block and cancel any transactions made from the user’s account, and can also collect winnings in several cases. These are: fraudulent or suspicious deposits, the use of someone else’s or stolen cards, exchange between payment systems, which can be used when replenishing a player’s balance, etc. We have the right to inform the relevant organizations and law enforcement agencies about any type of fraud. The Company also has the right to use the services of collection agencies to recover the misappropriated funds. We are not responsible for any illegal use of the cards. In this case, it does not matter whether there was a statement from the user about their loss / theft.

7.8. A positive balance of the user’s account can be used to compensate for the damage incurred by the Company as a result of the fraudulent actions of the user. Any specific amount of funds from the user’s account can be transferred in favor of the Company. This is done in case of fraud and other criminal activities, including errors, etc.

7.9. The user must understand that a gaming account is not a bank instrument. Consequently, he is not subject to insurance, guarantees and other instruments used in insurance. Also, interest is not charged on the funds deposited in your account.

7.10. At any time, the player has the right to apply for the withdrawal of funds from the gaming account. In this case, the following conditions must be met:

7.11. Winnings are paid out with no commission fees, only after the total bet turnover is 100% of the deposits made. That is, let’s assume that the player has replenished the account with 5,000 UAH. If he wants to withdraw funds from the deposit without paying commissions, he should place bets in the amount of 5,000 UAH or more. For smaller amounts, the user will be charged with a commission.

7.11.1. If the previous rule is not followed, the administration has the right to withhold a commission of 5% of the withdrawn amount. The commission is charged in all cases and until a 100% bet turnover is made, which corresponds to the amounts of deposits made.

7.12. When leaving a request to withdraw funds from a deposit, you should take into account a number of points.

7.12.1. To receive winnings and withdraw them from the deposit, you must go through a verification process. To do this, you must inform the administration about the confirmed phone number, e-mail address, as well as to provide the administration with a list of scanned documents that prove the user’s identity and the ID of the card through which the account was replenished.

7.12.2. The minimum withdrawal limit is UAH 300.

7.12.3. Before creating a withdrawal request, you need to make sure that all previously received bonuses have been wagered.

7.12.4. Funds that are less than the established limits are not put on withdrawal.

7.12.5. If the administration receives strong evidence that there were fraudulent actions on the part of the player, then it has the right to refuse to withdraw the winnings with the subsequent blocking of the user’s account.

7.12.6. We have the right to carry out additional checks on any transactions. Their term cannot exceed two days.

7.12.7. You must use the [email protected] mail to send scanned documents for verification.

7.12.8. To withdraw winnings from the gaming account, you must use the same payment systems through which the deposit was made. The account credentials from which the deposits were made must correspond to those that are used for the withdrawal.

7.12.9. When making a payment using a mobile phone number, we need to be sure that the number belongs to the user. Moreover, it must correspond to the phone number specified in the player’s profile. If the deposit is made from another personal number of the current player, additional verification should be completed, which will confirm the identity of the user. Payments using mobile commerce are made using the same Terms.

7.13. Withdrawal of winnings is made 24/7.

7.14. To withdraw your winnings, visit the Cashier section and follow the Withdrawal link. Next, you should indicate the desired amount of funds, as well as the withdrawal method that suits you. After that, it is necessary to follow the system prompts presented in the form of a brief instruction.

7.15 Payments to players are made in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

7.16. Since in the machines of some providers one coin may not correspond to the value of one hryvnia, it should be borne in mind that the winnings paid in coins may not correspond to the amount received when the winnings are converted into UAH. Detailed information on this matter is contained in the instructions, located in the slots and provided by slots developers.


8.1. Before making a bet in the game, you need to make sure that the balance of the game account is credited. The user bears personal responsibility for each transaction.

8.2. When you click on the “Cashier” button, which is located on the website, the client enters the section where funds are deposited / withdrawn, and it is also possible to view the history of financial transactions.

8.3. The administration has the right to refuse the user to conduct a transaction. This can occur in whole or in part if the visitor has violated one of the paragraphs of these Terms. The transfer of funds is considered completed only after we confirm this. If the user has not received confirmation that the operation has been completed, and he is sure that everything has been done correctly, it is necessary to contact the support operators.

8.4. In some cases, you can cancel your bet by sending a request to the support team.

8.5. Once the user receives confirmation from us that the bet has been canceled, the procedure is considered completed. If the player has not received confirmation of the cancellation, the bet continues to be processed and can be accepted at any time.

8.6. The value of the credit in the game in most of the cases corresponds to the equivalent in hryvnia (except the case, described in section 7.16): 1 credit = 1 hryvnia. Some games have a fixed set of lines (5/10/20/40/100), where the bet can be regulated just by the amount of credits. Some games allow you to choose the number of lines (in most cases – 1, 3, 5, 9, 10). The maximum bet is individual for the game and can be up to UAH 4,000 per spin (one spin of the game reels).

8.7. The game has a control panel that allows you to adjust the size of the bet, in some games – the number of lines.

8.8. The amount of the bet per line determines the payout amount in case of a winning combination. The player selects the bet on the next spin (spinning the reel in the game, leading to a winning or losing combination) by clicking on the “Bet” button. When the size of the bet reaches the maximum value, next time the button is pressed, the player’s bet is reset to the minimum. When the button is clicked next time, the bet increases again. If there is a Max Bet button present in the game, pressing it increases the bet to the maximum level, which is acceptable with the current balance of the user. The total amount of the bet for the next spin will be displayed in the “bet” section in the game window. In some games, pressing the Max Bet button may trigger a spin at the already selected bet unexpectedly for the player. The administration is not responsible for such cases.

8.9. The selected active line determines the winning combination. Each active line is paid before starting the game. The number of active lines increases the size of the bet. Total bet is calculated according to the formula: “Number of lines x Bet per line = Total bet”. Depending on the game settings, you can choose the number of active lines. If the game has a Max Bet button, if clicked, then all lines are selected and the maximum bet size is assigned within the user’s current balance.

8.10. All games have an “Info” button, which opens the list of winning combinations of the game and the rules of the game.

8.10.1. The “collect” button allows you to transfer all won credits and end the current session. There may be buttons for selecting the number of lines participating in the game, maximum bet, autoplay, the ability to take winnings, “put on red or black” (see section 8.10.4).

8.10.2. After choosing the bet amount or the number of lines, the player clicks the “Start” button to start the spin. The required number of credits is deducted from the player’s balance, the game reel starts to spin. The spin stops automatically. Some games may have the “quick stop” function – pressing the “Start” button again leads to an early display of the spin result. After the end of the spin, the game automatically analyzes the combination of winning symbols and provides information about the winnings. In case of winning, depending on the game settings, multiple wins are possible on different lines within the same spin.

8.10.3. The “Autoplay” button switches the game to automatic mode of operation. Thus new spin starts automatically after the completion of the previous one. Winnings are calculated and paid. The next click of the autoplay button turns off the mode. The game ends and waits for further user actions.

8.10.4. The “Info” button (or “Paytable”) opens a paytable to the user, which displays detailed information on winning combinations, as well as the corresponding symbols. It also displays information about the bonus game (its availability, condition triggers for starting and winning), as well as general rules for the game (maximum possible bet, maximum number of active lines, configuration of active lines, etc.).

8.10.5. The “Risk-game” option (optional in some games) can be offered to the player after the completion of the rotation and calculation of the winnings, if the game is not in automatic mode. When you press the “Risk game” button, a special screen is displayed, on which the user must guess the color of the card back (red or black). The player must click on the “bet on black” or “bet on red” button. If the player guesses the color (regardless of the particular suit of the card: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs), the winning is doubled. If the color of the suit is not guessed, the player loses the current winnings in the game.

8.11. To complete the game and transfer the current funds to the game account, you must leave the game page. If the player is in the “Risk game” mode, it is also enough to go to any other section of the website.


9.1. The following actions are prohibited, as they are considered material violations of these Terms:

9.2. If the administration suspects that the bonuses, rewards or incentives issued have been obtained illegally or they are used for abuse, the administration has the right at any time to suspend or completely cancel the planned payments and winnings that are associated with them.

9.3. The administration of the site https://slotscity.ua/ takes all necessary measures to identify and suppress the collusion, as well as the persons involved in it. In the event of damage to the user who has been seen in fraudulent actions, the administration disclaims all responsibility for what happened. In addition, our actions will be aimed at protecting the Company and users from fraud. All legal methods will be used for this.

9.4. A user who notices that someone is committing or is about to commit illegal (fraudulent) actions on the site must immediately inform the administration about this by e-mail [email protected]

9.5. If the administration suspects the user of fraud or intentions to commit it, it can at any time block his gaming account and deny access to the site’s services. In this case, the funds of the blocked client will not be returned, as they will become compensation for the damage received. In addition, we have the right to report illegal actions to law enforcement officials. In case the user is sure that the fraud was not his fault, he is obliged to fully contribute to the investigation of the incident.

9.6. In accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction, you are prohibited from committing any fraudulent actions in relation to other users of the site or directly to the Company itself. In particular, it is prohibited to use any software that serves for illegal receipt of funds. If something like that is found, the site administration has the right to block your account and withhold the funds that are on it as compensation for the damage caused.


10.1. Aggressive or offensive communication, the use of profanity, threats and attempts to demean or violent actions directed at other users or employees of the Company are prohibited on the website.

10.2. Uploading information to the website in an amount that can cause the resource to malfunction is prohibited. In addition, you cannot perform any actions that may cause a malfunction in the functioning of the site. Including, the use of malware, viruses, Trojans, etc. is prohibited. Mass mailing, as well as spam, is also prohibited. It is forbidden to distort or delete the information on the website.

10.3. Users are obliged to use the services of this website for personal entertainment only. Copying materials, parts of the site or the entire resource is prohibited without obtaining the appropriate permission from the administration.

10.4. Users are not allowed to hack the site or attempt to do so. You cannot bypass the site’s security system, etc. Access to the site’s services will be blocked if the administration detects an attempt to hack the site or other actions that are used to bypass the security system or gain access to software or accounts of other users. Also, law enforcement agencies will be informed about illegal actions of the user.

10.5. In case of problems on the site, which will occur due to viruses, hacker and / or DDoS attacks, the administration makes every effort to eliminate the problems. At the same time, administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties. This also applies to the posting of illegal materials and links on the site by third-party users.

10.6. User accounts may not be sold or transferred to third parties.

10.7. Any bets made by players can be verified. The audit is carried out by the administration. In the event that fraudulent actions are detected on the part of the user, which include gaining an advantage by players who used errors or vulnerabilities of the site, the user’s account will be blocked. The blocking is carried out temporarily, and at the end of the proceedings – forever, if it is found out that the actions were intentional, with malicious intent. The decision on the return or non-return of the blocked client’s funds will be made in accordance with the circumstances.


11.1. The user is responsible for all actions taken with his account until he receives confirmation from the administration that the account is closed. This corresponds to the period between the submission of the account closure request and our actions to implement the execution of the request.

11.2. We have the right to charge a commission and the amount owed until the user’s account is closed. In case of blocking or deleting an account, the money that was stored on the account cannot be returned. This also applies to bonuses and other rewards. After the account is closed, access to it becomes impossible.

11.3. After the player’s account is closed, neither party has and cannot have obligations towards each other.

11.4. Deletion and / or blocking of an account can be made by the administration without notice in the following cases:

11.5. In the absence of any actions on the account for 6 months or more, the administration has the right to close it without notice. In this case, the Site Terms and Conditions become invalid from the date the account is closed.

11.6. The administration has the right to close the account and inform about it in a letter sent to the email address that was specified by the user during registration. The balance of funds held in the account will be returned, except for the cases that are specified in these Terms and regarding fraudulent activities, illegal collusion, etc. If it is impossible to transfer funds to their legal owner, they will be transferred to the account of the supervisory authority.


12.1. The administration has the right at any time to make changes, as well as change the number and list of services offered on the website at its own discretion, if it is necessary to maintain the functionality of the resource.


13.1. The company tries to fix any errors or glitches that occur on the site as quickly as possible. The administration is not responsible for faulty equipment and information technology tools that are used by the user to access the site and use the services provided. Also, we are not responsible for the work of Internet providers that implement the ability to access the Network.


14.1. During your stay on the site, circumstances may arise in which the rate or payment for services was made by mistake. For example, incorrect betting conditions that we did not correct or that occurred due to a software failure. The error may be in the calculation of the winnings for the user, etc. In these cases, the money paid to the players must be returned to the Company.

14.2. The administration has the right to cancel and / or restrict any bets made.

14.3. When using funds received to the player’s account by mistake or in violation of these Rules or legislation, the administration has the right to cancel the bets and / or winnings received by the user. If the winnings have already been paid by mistake, the administration considers that the amount has been transferred to the player in fiduciary management. The user is obliged to return all the funds that he received by mistake immediately at the request of the administration.

14.4. In the event of a software error on the side of the user, the administration, including employees and partners, are not responsible for the possible damage that the user will receive.

14.5. In case the information transmitted over the Internet is intercepted by intruders or third parties, the site administration, as well as its licensees, branches, other employees, etc. are not responsible for possible losses. All responsibility for this rests with the user who did not fully use the recommended means to protect Internet traffic and allowed the situation to happen.


15.1. Each registered user automatically agrees that, using the services of the site, an informed choice is made, all the possible risks that may arise are recognized in this regard and the user is fully responsible for his/her actions and choices.

15.2. The site is operated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The company is not obligated to give or offer any additional guarantees and assurances. We exclude our liability to the extent that it concerns provisions not specified in the Terms. All claims to the administration are accepted in writing by e-mail [email protected]

15.3. The site administration does not bear any responsibility for criminal offenses, damage caused, negligence, losses, loss of personal data, reputation, prestige, etc. that may occur. This also applies to any other losses that are not listed and that we cannot foresee now. Also, the administration is not responsible for the content of any resource, access to which was obtained through this site. It makes no sense to make claims to the administration in the event of the above situations.


16.1. If the user violates the Terms and Conditions, he undertakes to fully compensate for the damage, which may include costs and expenses (including legal ones), claims, other costs, etc.

16.2. The user agrees to perform compensation for losses, as well as to protect the interests of the company, partners and all employees from claims, liability, costs, damage, court costs and any other costs that arise due to the following reasons and due to:

violations by the user of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website; – violation of the law by the user, as well as the rights of third parties; – providing access to the services of the site to third parties using the client’s personal data, it does not matter whether consent was voluntarily given to such actions or not. – crediting any winnings obtained by illegal / fraudulent means.

16.3. If the user has violated the Terms and Conditions, the administration reserves the right (but does not undertake) to do the following:

16.4. In case of non-compliance with any of the provisions of these Terms, the administration has the right to cancel the user’s account and game account.


17.1. The software and everything else that is presented on this site is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights. They are owned by the Company or used under a license issued by the copyright holder to a third party. Any materials of a printed and non-print nature that are posted on the site can be downloaded exclusively to a personal PC. However, their printing or other use is permitted only for non-commercial use.

17.2. Free access to website materials is not a basis for granting the user rights to the Company’s intellectual property, which includes copyright, trademarks, logos, etc.

17.3. Any use as well as reproduction of trademarks, logos and other creative materials that are presented on the website is prohibited by law.

17.4. In the event of any prohibited actions, the user is fully responsible and is obliged to compensate for the damage and cover the costs that occurred through his fault. In addition, the user is obliged to immediately inform the administration everything that he knows about the commission of any prohibited actions by third parties. The guest is obliged to help in every possible way to correct the situation, help in investigations and provide other assistance if the above actions were performed using his profile data.


18.1. The company strictly refers to the safety of users’ personal information. Our obligations to the storage and use of personal information take precedence over other obligations. Any personal information provided by users is processed in strict accordance with the privacy policy. In this case, all necessary measures and means of protection are used.

18.2. After the client provides personal information, he/she automatically agrees that we have the right to process his personal data. This is necessary to comply with the Terms and Conditions, as well as to comply with regulatory and legal obligations of our Company.

18.3. We do not disclose personal information of users to third parties. The exception is the employees of the Company who need access to personal data of clients for the smooth provision of services.

18.4. All information received from you, including personal data, requests, statements and correspondence, is stored in the form of electronic copies.


19.1. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer or other device with an Internet connection. They are necessary to collect information about the user who visits our site. This allows for faster access and services on subsequent visits to our site.

19.2. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • to record any actions that are performed on the site and subsequent quick access to all our services;
  • to improve the functionality of the site after analyzing user traffic;
  • for unhindered quick access to all sections of the site, etc.